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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good evening....

Hello lovely two followers.....
Sometimes I wonder if life has to suck for a set amount of time and then danes to improve. Maybe it depends upon the attitude with which the life is lived and prospered through.

As of right now, I am utterly content. Even after my break-up earlier this week, I can't help but feel I did the right thing. I think I pay way too much attention to behavioral ticks.......

Any way.......

At this particular moment, I have found serenity in the fact that I love those around me more than they can know; give hugs my full attention; have the potential to be the best science teacher or actress I want to be; and I am loved by those around me with whom I share my days.

In life there are sucky moments and moments of extreme peace, but through it all, I find that I am happiest when I am with those I love.

That is all that matters.

Good night to all two of you.



  1. Hello sweet spice...if life didn't occassionally suck, one might have a harder time appreciating when it's wonderful, no?...and I know how much you love me every time you give me one of those daddy-hugs...and yes you are indeed loved by all with whom you choose to share your days.

    You did the right thing but you don't need anyone to tell you knew, right then, in the moment. You gave everything of yourself with compassion and love...wearing yourself on the outside for all to see, as you always do...asking only to be loved back for who you are...not for who you would be made to be for all the wrong reasons. I've found that to be the easiest sounding thing and yet the hardest to be loved back for who you truly are instead of some projection you are manipulated into being for some unknown and twisted reasons. Then I found your mom, and then you, and knew that it was real, it was possible to be just who I am and have the most interesting, wonderful people me right back.

    Ah, it's the best thing...the only thing that matters.

    I hope you are asleep dreaming of a warm sunny day, laying on your back in the cool grass under a tree on a hill overlooking a vast beautiful landscape...hand in hand with that special guy you've yet to meet in your waking life. He is out there, right now, this second, also dreaming...of your...hoping to find you...dreaming of all the wonderful adventures you will share in your lives...the love and the laughter and yes, the tears...he is there and you are there and you will find each other out in the real world, one glorious day...and it will have been worth it....all the sucky days, all the tears...all the tried relationships that failed except in their way of teaching you more about yourself...what you need to be a whole, fulfilled woman...what you need in a partner, a sole mate, a best friend.

    If you are awake, pad quietly over to the window, pull back the curtain, and as your eyes adjust to the night, find that star, that one special star that seems to be shining just for you, just now for you...and believe with all your heart that your special guy is right now at his window, unable to sleep in the imagining of you, and gazing out he finds that star...your star...and with the intensity of his gaze he causes it to twinkle and shine down on you...waiting...waiting...he will come. All in due time, sweetheart...all in due time. Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans as Lennon, love, check for your star in those lonely nights....and know you will not always be alone...and that it will be worth the wait and it will be glorious.

  2. Thank you.
    My love is returned to you amounting in infiniti multiplied upon the love in the world no collective human being can feel.