How many years have I taken Spanish?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello ALL!!

Hey you two, don't be shy, you know I luv ya.....

Suckiness in life has been resolved due to the elimination of the source from whence the drama emanated. Life in high school can't help but be complicated by the masses of hormone infused individuals. I long for college life where you have the choice to be a part of the drama or not and where 7 classes a day is hardly practical.

CU Boulder, here I come!

Life is always simpler when things just flow from a calmed chi (a woo woo source of energy).

Ali, thank you for everything you are and continue to be: my best friend, turtle jesus, Leo, etc.
I would miss out on a lot of things with out you!

Daddy, I love you as always and I have to say the hugs are magical....

Oh, and tell mom to get her butt out here.....
I might actually post for her if she would read it.

Love you all,

Good night


  1. I love you too, Bailey! DON'T FORGET IT! And dude-man! You should follow my blog! 'tis a life or death decision, my friend. xD No, no, no. I will not hurt you. Only my blog of death will. >:D Hehe...... See ya!

  2. I thought I was....
    I will double check