How many years have I taken Spanish?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bonded with Eternity in Mind

Best friends never mean the same thing until you have had the experience of a long term one.
Many people say that they have a best friend forever and always but cannot show evidence for its continuity.
Then there are those blessed few who have the honor of having the true bond that friendship brings.
We are the ones who have known each other to be the other part of us since the day we met.
We are the people who can say that we know each other from fighting over the same concept on the playground.
Or not knowing the same thing and achieving it only with the other’s help.

Those of us who have found this great gift do not flaunt it,
Nor do we describe our differences as a regretful occurrence,
Our soul rests inside the other because we choose to put it there,
No one can force it,
Or bend it,
Nor badger it into neglecting its place,
Not even tempt it to shatter.

It is stronger than the bond of glue on a broken map,
It is heftier than the distance between the worlds of beliefs it houses,
It is made of more compassion than that of the world combined,
It is based on the founding of love for another and the character it helps to maintain,
It has made us bonded by the strongest power in the universe as it forever stands,
We are sisters and brothers of the same upbringing,
Love and be loved by another’s heart and mind.

Letting nothing in the way of this responsibility is our sole task and challengeable interest.

Many say they have known this,
Others comment that it is nothing more than a trifle to be possessed,
I say that both of these statements are wrong,
What has or will be said about this relationship that constitutes it as an informal trait,
Should be reprimanded and thanked for the challenge of faith.

Long will our friendship flourish and grow no matter the distance between us.

-Bailey M. Wilson

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Senior Year

Senior year has been my last time for a multitude of things in high school. The last time I have to have six classes a day, the last homecoming, prom, run of high school drama between friends and acquaintances, the last high school play performances, just to name a few examples of my last times.

I must say that the best thing about senior year overall, is realizing that I remember people I met four years ago in the beginning of high school and understanding how they have changed into such wonderfully diverse students and citizens. Although I don't know everyone in my senior class personally, I know quite a few of them who have made imesureable progress for the better.

I also appreciate being a resource to the younger classes of freshman students who are curious about what classes are like, how difficult each year is, and what the future can hold for them. I hope I have given them a leg up with what advice I had to offer. I believe they will continue to make our generation (children/young adults born in the 90s)proud of their accomplishments and desires for a better world wide community.

I am so grateful to have been a member of RC for all four years of my high school career. I hope to have been a good influence on the underclassmen, a supportive mentor at my high school, and a worthy contributor to the growth of academic excellence.

I want to say thank you to everyone I've met during these past four years, become friends with, and learned from; you really have influenced the young woman I am today, thank you.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I have a new baby!!!

Chick that is. We have chickies again for AP Bio and we just got them today.

If you want to see him either follow this link

or facebook search "the black star chick".


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Okay, this time it has really been a long time

Hey all,

I have been really busy for the last several months so I haven't been posting, but I have lots of news to share. I was accepted to all of the schools I applied for: CU Boulder, Denver, and DU. However, I will be attending CU Boulder in the fall in order to start my Bachelor's degree in Ecology and Environmental Biology. I also will receive a thespian honor chord and academic honor chord for my gown.

I hope all is going well for all three of you.

As you probably know in the world of high school, prom is coming up and they still haven't told us what the theme is. I only found out where prom is by asking a teacher to open the school's activity print out calendar where in small print it had the location of prom, that is all. Like many girls I already have my dress and my date, but not knowing what the theme and location of prom are is pretty sucky. In addition, the school dance policy only states no "north to south" dancing only "east to west", but it neglects to mention that there is no recompense for those girls that are almost physically assaulted like I was at the last dance by guys who thought I didn't know how to dance because I wasn't grinding on my date.

I will just look forward to the experience with my friends and who knows, we might have something surprising up our sleeves before graduation.

Just sayin'